Going to church is a pain

13 Sep

Some friends took us to a church service in Christchurch today and we found it to be a real pain!

The music was deafening. It was ear-splitting. I’m not sure how the musicians on stage tolerated the sound. Perhaps they had ear-plugs. If so, the ushers should have afforded the congregation the same privilege by issuing plugs at the door along with the church bulletin.

No, I’m not anti-youth, but why do we try and justify the volume by claiming it attracts young people, Maoris and Islanders (which was the reason I was given today!) My understanding of South-sea Island and Maori culture is that the music was not storm-force electronic.

And how can we suggest God is behind a method and form of ‘worship’ that not only causes physical pain, but causes permanent damage also?

I agree unequivocally that going to church has always been a pain, and should still be. Shouldn’t it be the pricking of the conscience that causes the pain, rather than the splitting of the eardrum: Shouldn’t the ear of the heart be sensitised, not the natural ears being deadened.


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2 Responses to Going to church is a pain

  1. Garry King

    14 September, 2009 at 9:22 pm

    Hi Doug,

    They reacon only the good get it young. So, you and I should go for a long long time yet. We are thinking and praying for you every day. All our love Garry and Cheryl and family

  2. Allan

    16 September, 2009 at 6:23 am

    Yes. Dulled ears AND heart! All these justifications evidence the rampant humanism in church methods today, which is ultimately, the despising of the Holy Spirit, and of HIS painful but salvational ministry, to which you pointed Doug.


    A & M


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