Going to church is a pain

13 Sep

Some friends took us to a church service in Christchurch today and we found it to be a real pain!

The music was deafening. It was ear-splitting. I’m not sure how the musicians on stage tolerated the sound. Perhaps they had ear-plugs. If so, the ushers should have afforded the congregation the same privilege by issuing plugs at the door along with the church bulletin.

No, I’m not anti-youth, but why do we try and justify the volume by claiming it attracts young people, Maoris and Islanders (which was the reason I was given today!) My understanding of South-sea Island and Maori culture is that the music was not storm-force electronic.

And how can we suggest God is behind a method and form of ‘worship’ that not only causes physical pain, but causes permanent damage also?

I agree unequivocally that going to church has always been a pain, and should still be. Shouldn’t it be the pricking of the conscience that causes the pain, rather than the splitting of the eardrum: Shouldn’t the ear of the heart be sensitised, not the natural ears being deadened.


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