Mixed reactions towards doctors

30 Oct

During the past twelve months some aspects of medicine and practice have come into focus. I have learned that:

– The best of people are just people at the best. We all exhibit traits of weak fallen humanity in word, promises made and performance.

– Doctors are expected to get it all right, all the time. What a burden to put on them, even though some seem to give the impression they are able to do it.

– Doctors cannot know all there is about each condition and they don’t have as much time to fully research my case as I would like, or as I might have.

– Some doctors need to remember that their practice is about the patient and not about them. Most need to learn to listen and not consider a patient impudent if he questions a doctor’s take on a matter. They need to also realise that sometimes the patient does know more about their condition and its history than the doctor has been able to deduce.

– ‘D-O-C-T-O-R’ is not the new way to spell God and we should not project that expectation onto them.


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2 Responses to Mixed reactions towards doctors

  1. Graeme

    2 November, 2009 at 11:00 am

    thanks for sharing Doug and very much “taken on board ” . Medical science does not have all the answers and caring is still an art . I appreciate the reminder. I am still on the journey in dropping the medical school induced ” I know what is best” approach . A little humble pie and admitting that I do not have all the answers is important. In return I need the forgiveness when sharing that I have ‘screwed up “.
    There are many roads and journeys in cancer management and the “experts” point in many directions (sometime opposite) . yep, Keep reminding them that you are the full time expert on your body and soul. Informed choice is done in partnership . I know that it sometimes takes energy and drive to retain this balance when you do not necessarily have the reserve.

    God’s love be with you both on the healing journey Graeme

  2. Doug

    6 November, 2009 at 6:54 pm

    Quite frankly Graeme, I feel sorry for doctors with the pressure they are under; having to make snap decisions often in emergencies; and having to live up to the expectations patients put on them.


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