Mixed reactions towards doctors

30 Oct

During the past twelve months some aspects of medicine and practice have come into focus. I have learned that:

– The best of people are just people at the best. We all exhibit traits of weak fallen humanity in word, promises made and performance.

– Doctors are expected to get it all right, all the time. What a burden to put on them, even though some seem to give the impression they are able to do it.

– Doctors cannot know all there is about each condition and they don’t have as much time to fully research my case as I would like, or as I might have.

– Some doctors need to remember that their practice is about the patient and not about them. Most need to learn to listen and not consider a patient impudent if he questions a doctor’s take on a matter. They need to also realise that sometimes the patient does know more about their condition and its history than the doctor has been able to deduce.

– ‘D-O-C-T-O-R’ is not the new way to spell God and we should not project that expectation onto them.


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