Next lap mapped out

21 Oct

Had a follow-up appointment with the surgeon today to assess the results of the radiation therapy and the next plan of attack.

After an internal examination he concluded that the radiation has not completely eradicated the tumour and so, subject to further examination of CT scans of lungs and liver, surgery is planned for the last week of November. I was not altogether unhappy with his suggestions. This way he is able to eradicate the entire troublesome area. If he didn’t operate, there would always be the niggling thought about whether or not some area of the tumour was still active.

Provided the CT scans continue to show the liver remaining in excellent condition, the surgeon is keen to proceed with the surgery in order to “push for a cure”, a term he said he was using carefully.

Hopefully by Christmas I could be cancer-free. However it goes, we are looking forward to a quiet local Christmas after what has been a harrowing and tumultuous twelve months. Bronwen and I have really felt the undergirding of God’s Presence throughout this year and are stronger in faith and love for each other than ever before.

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