What a difference a day makes

15 Oct

My radiation therapy ended 2 weeks ago today. I was warned that the pain would continue to increase for a further 7 days. Nelson oncology suggested 10 days would be closer to the mark. We decided we would run the gauntlet and drive home to Nelson as soon as possible following the end of the course and this was helped by Philippa, our daughter, flying over from Victoria to take care of packing us up again and doing the driving. The trip was not easy. Sitting is not the favourite position for one who has got severe sunburn in his rectal area (As they say, “it rect ‘im”!! groan). A double dose of morphine helped me see out the last half of the trip in a semi-comotose state for which I and the others in the vehicle were grateful.

Nelson oncology was right. The next 10 days were a case of counting down the hours of each day and waiting for the next to dawn and spending as much time sleeping or dozing as possible. The pain peaked after 10 days and the next 2 days saw a minor easing of pain. Yesterday I lowered my dose of painkiller on the strength of the improvement and Woweee! When I woke today, I actually felt like getting out of bed.

Today I’ve been hugging all who have come near me (except the oncology nurse who came to take out my catheter!). I actually feel as if there may be a future again and that it might be worth sticking around a bit longer to see what it may bring.

Not the end of the valley yet, but when you are enduring continual pain, what a difference one day can make.

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