Not a recommended way to lose weight

06 Nov

I weighed myself today and got a shock to find I have returned to my pre-marriage weight of 68kg. Considering I’ve been married 41 years and having my weight fluctuate between 76kg and 80kg, there is a part of me that is pleased. It has been a goal of mine to lose the paunch and get down to around 70kg but be careful what you wish for. I did not expect to lose it the way I have.

Most of the weight has been lost in the last 4 months including the time of radiation therapy when the feelings of nausea made even thinking about food painful. At least now I am not turned off by food so I am hoping the weight doesn’t go any lower.

By the way: In seeking to eat healthy, don’t forget that fats and carbohydrates do have a good side. Lowering my HDL cholesterol has increased the chances for my outlook to be lss rosey to the point of suffering depression and the chances of the cancer not receding are increased – something most nutritionists won’t tell you. Evidently there is something in the HDL that lifts optimism and also inhibits the risks of cancer and suicide.

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