Surgery dates, but its not just about me!

09 Nov

On Saturday I got the word from the hospital confirming the date I go under the knife to excise the primary tumour from my rectum together with a mesentery node. The surgeon was not going to proceed if he had any question marks concerning the liver so that must be holding its own – a welcoming state of play!

I have a ‘Pre-admission’ appt on Wed 18th November when everything will be explained and I have ECG and other tests. Then I am admitted at 10am on  Tuesday 24th for afternoon surgery (I’m told it will take at least 5 hours!!). The operation will be at the Nelson Public Hospital in the Day Surgery Unit and then I will be transferred to Ward 10 for the days of recovery. I will be in hospital for 10 – 14 days. My surgeon comes with very high reputation and commendations, even from the Surgery Professor at Christchurch Medical School.

Needless to say, I am feeling a little apprehensive about it all and hoping and praying for a straightforward procedure with no complications. And then, of course, yet another recovery period!  I’ll be glad when it’s all over.

The week before the operation I will be moving furniture for Rebekah who has found a better place to rent: a three bedroom house just 700m up the street from us. It will be a lot easier for the grand-children to come for their homeschooling and for general support both ways. Becky actually moves into her new place the day I have my operation. Timing is perfect!

Please pray for Bronwen who is the one caught up in the middle of the cauldron – helping Becky get settled, schooling the children and visiting me. She had a Pacemaker checkup last Friday and it showed that the Pacemaker recorded 320 occasions of atrial fibrilation in the last 6 months, some episodes lasting up to 2 hours!  The Pacemaker cuts in if Bronwen’s heart beat drops too low but does nothing if it races. What is more concerning is that other symptoms require her to be checked out for angina as well now. Bronwen is an absolute treasure but both of us are feeling a bit fragile at the moment and looking forward to a satisfactory resolution of the health problems. I hope the Lord understands I have too many family responsibilities to go home to glory yet.

Thanks for all your continued prayer and support,

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