What is it about humans?

20 Nov

Why do some people always see the worst possible scenarios and can’t wait to share them? Ever since I started into this battle against cancer there have been many that have encouraged me with positive thoughts and prayers and I’ve been blessed by them.

But then there are the others who always have to add a rider: they love to tell you about someone they know who had this complication from the same procedure, or this went wrong with the operation, or they suffered this kind of pain, etc.

What makes us humans do it? Why do we love to add gruesome details? If people pull through against the odds, that is great, but it is no encouragement to the person who is about to go through that procedure to know what can go wrong (beyond what the doctors have confided). Deep down we know any treatment can go wrong and that our destiny is in the Lord’s hands, but it is far more encouraging to the sufferer to leave the possible crises to God’s wisdom and to hope for straightforward outcomes.

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