Don’t get sick near a weekend in NZ

23 Dec

NZ has a fine socialised medical system. The fact that it is bankrupting the nation is not the point of this blog entry. It’s just that things have a way of closing down at weekends and I am not sure which of Murphy’s laws decrees that serious complaints occur when medical centres are closed!

Three weeks after my major surgery I finally got my in-line catheter removed last Wednesday. It was causing some irritation and there was a suspicion that I might have a bladder infection. I do not know why the hospital did not take a sample for analysis at the time. Instead I was sent home and told that if the pain persisted I should consult my GP the next day.

The pain did not abate but got worse so the next day I provided a sample to the GP and hand-delivered it to Medlab for analysis. I was told it would take 2 days for the result to be discovered. And, yes, that meant Saturday when neither Medlab nor the GP were on duty. I had to suffer in silence (!!) over the weekend to discover on Monday that I had E-Coli in my bladder. It was not until Monday afternoon that I was able to take the first tablets of the specific antibiotic to deal with the problem.

Be warned. Think ahead. If you have a niggle that might require Laboratory analysis, act on it in the first half of the week – just in case. You don’t want to be hanging around with these infections longer than you have to.

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  1. Pat and Tony Anderson

    27 December, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    Hi Doug and Bronwen,
    Inspite of all this Doug, you seem to be still bearing up, Bless you, May God Bless you both richly for the coming year, 2010
    Love and Prayers Pat and Tony


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