Over another hurdle

04 Dec

Home again, and ahead of schedule. I have been thrilled at how things have worked out.

The four to five hour surgery took two hours!  While in recovery one of the nurses commented that it was “almost too perfect”.

I had an epidural line in for the first few days plus IV drips for food and pain. They were all gone by day four. Unfortunately the removal of the in-line catheter did not go as planned so that was re-inserted and will stay there a couple more weeks. I had a mild fever for a couple of days that slowed things down a little, but overall the experience was not too bad ( if one overlooks the sharp pains of mending muscles when coughing and the tugging of stitches in the perineal wound)

I was discharged on day nine. I am finding it a little uncomfortable sitting down. That should ease over the next days and weeks. I am getting used to the Stoma Bag – it is quite a lifestyle change and has this embarrassing way of noisily venting gas at inappropriate times. At least the bag filter removes any odour!

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