Acknowledgment vs Acceptance

21 Jan

I have met people who worry if they hear someone admit they have cancer. It as if somehow the cancer is given legitimacy if it is acknowledged.

Having cancer is a fact that must be acknowledged before it can be dealt with it. It does not go away by denying its existence. I acknowledge that I have cancer in my body. That is a fact. What I do not accept though is its legitimacy to be there.

I also acknowledge that a fact is less than a truth. And the truth for me is that God is able to remove any disease, including cancer, from anyone’s body, irrespective of what medical science can or cannot do.

Some people are so superstitious in their fear of death that they don’t like even saying the word and instead refer to “the big C”. Well, friends, for me the big C is Christ, not cancer. And He knew the number of my days before I was born (Psalm 139). No cancer will cheat Him of fulfilling His purposes in and through me before those days have been fulfilled.

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