Another mountain to climb

15 Jan

On Thursday 7th January, Bronwen and I flew to Christchurch for my regular CT scan of the liver as part of the SIRFLOX trial I have been under. We met the Oncologist on the Friday morning.

The news was not good.

After being clear for four months, the scan showed the presence of nine new metastases scattered throughout my liver and one in my lung. If there had been only a few metastases, and they had been confined to one or two segments of the liver, there might be a possibility of surgery to remove them. Consequently, I have been dropped from the SIRTs Trial monitoring programme and transferred to the Nelson Oncologists.

Needless to say we were shocked, gob-smacked and stunned at the news as things had been progressing so well. The surgeon told us he had only undertaken the removal of the primary because it looked as if a complete cure might be possible. Our GP had received the results on the Friday via email and he also confessed to being stunned.

I am not in as bad a condition as I was when I was first diagnosed in 2008. My liver function is normal and my CEA (cancer markers) are only slightly raised. When I was first diagnosed I was given 18 months without treatment. That time is almost up, and now I have been given another one to two years, although that’s in God’s hands. Apart from still recuperating from surgery I’m in better shape than I was in October 2008. At least this time I do not have a primary cancer to keep disseminating its cells throughout the body.

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