Don’t put off doing things

05 Jan

One thing I’m learning with my new lifestyle is to ‘do it now’. We often plan things for ‘when I’m feeling better’, or for ‘when things improve’. I’m discovering that things may never improve, so do it now.

Today I was feeling lousy and uncomfortable in every way but I had promised Abe and Phoebe for several days that I would take them fishing. Abe’s been talking about it to his mother on several occasions so I got up today telling myself ‘today is the day’.

I had a visit from the Stoma nurse this morning and she read me the riot act about lifting heavy things and advising me on new types of underwear to buy to give me better support! My day was not going well and I felt physically crook but I had made a promise.

The weather was warm but blustery and at 1.15pm I picked up the children and headed down to Port Nelson to an already crowded wharf. I fixed up the fishing rod with new hooks and baited them with good old squid bait. I showed Abe how to launch it out into the briney and slowly wind it in. He happily applied himself to this while I set up another line for Phoebe that we dropped over the side of the wharf.  By the time I turned my attention back to Abe he was alleging he had something on the line. When we pulled it in, hey presto, there was a 6 inch sprat on the line. Needless to say he was over the moon. Although we had many nibbles over the next 90 minutes, we didn’t catch anything else, but that was enough.  A Fisheries Protection Officer came along the wharf and was suitably impressed with Abe’s catch telling us that we were the only ones to have caught anything. God is good – He is truly a ‘Father to the fatherless’ and answered the dreams of one little boy. The first thing we did when we got back to the car was to thank God together.

I delivered the children back to their mother at 3pm and came home for a rest. I still felt physically uncomfortable and lousy but very very grateful to God and was a very happy grandad.

And here it is – Abe’s first fish.



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