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Happy campers

Well, we made it and had a great time. Weather and health were both excellent.

Phoebe was a bit disappointed at the prospect of missing out so I ended up taking her as well and the three of us slept very comfortably in our little tent. There were about 15 other homeschooling families and we all camped in the same area of Quinney’s Bush.

We played in the river, on flying foxes (or zip-lines for our USA friends!), huge tyre swings, water slides, cooked our own camp food, sat around a camp fire in the evenings and toasted marshmellows. We studied the stars before retiring for bed and marvelled at the wonder of God, His creation and His love for us. It was a great memory-making weekend.

On the first night Phoebe needed to clarify what all the sounds were as she lay down to sleep: for instance it was the river she could hear and not rain. Before drifting into sleep she declared, “God is strong. He can kill foxes and wolves and monsters. He looks after us … and His angels”. Having satisfied herself with this statement, she was asleep in one minute.

Following are some photos of the three of us  with our tent, eating our evening meal, and Abe and Phoebe checking on Grandad.


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Making the most of every opportunity

Last weekend Bronwen and I drove down to Hanmer Springs for the induction of two new elders in the church we used to pastor. It is the furthest I’ve driven for months and we were surprised at how well we felt after the 4 hour trip. We spent Saturday visiting friends and then drove back to Nelson on the Sunday afternoon.

This weekend, weather and health permitting, Abraham and I are going camping. The Christian Homeschoolers Support Group are having a family camp at Quinney’s Bush, about 45 minutes from Nelson. We will be spending 2 nights under canvas and return home on Sunday. I’m praying my strength will hold up and that Abe will have a lot of fun with the other campers. Watch for photos next week if we manage to last the distance.

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Yet another faith-building day!

Yesterday we kept our appointment with the Nelson Oncologist. She was the most negative of all the practitioners and specialists we’ve seen, forcing us once again to realise that the keys of death and life only in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As I say, ‘another faith-building day’. Such days are not always ones where positive news abounds. Conversations such as we had with our oncologist make one realise Who one’s hope is in. We keep coming back to that all the time. My only hope is in direct divine intervention.

In the meantime, I am to have another scan next week to ascertain the spread of the metastases, then will have 3 courses of 2nd-line chemotherapy (3 weeks apart). I will then have another scan to learn how things are progressing inside and then look at further specialist treatment such as re-insertion of radioactive spheres, or RFA. The oncologist believes an attack with 2nd line chemo will hit all cancer cells wherever they are in my body, prior to the more specific treatments these other specialties may provide.

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Thankyou to all those who are praying

It is impossible to personally thank all those who are upholding Bronwen and I in prayer. Some of the churches we have attended in recent months have made a point of laying hands on us in their services as they prayed. We know many other churches and individuals who also uphold us. Every so often I get emails or messages from people telling me they attended a church that we have never heard of and that we had been included in their intercessory prayers. It is a great comfort in the hard times to know the prayerful support of God’s people.

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You have rock-mail!

Last week I received a most unusual parcel in the post. It was so heavy, at first I thought it was a bomb. It was a huge white rock and it had polystyrene packaging around it so that it could not be damaged. There was no note, card, or postmark showing the originating post office so whoever sent it wants to remain anonymous.

On closer examination we found some very fine writing along a crack on one side of the rock. It read, “He hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock and covers me there with His hand.”

On the other side of the rock, in beautiful fine lettering, were the words of one of my poems, Light in my long night, posted on my blog some time ago. The words fit a beautiful cello solo and should be read while listening to the tune. You can access the poem and tune on my blog

A very lovely and thoughtful gift, but I’m not sure what the postman thought when he was delivering it!

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Another faith-building day

Saw the surgeon today with Bronwen and we were blown away by his optimism!

He inspected his handiwork and professed a wish that all his patients had as good a recovery as I have had, especially after radiation therapy. He expressed amazement at how well I’ve healed.

He also expressed shock at the recent CT scan results but encouraged me to seek further options for treatment of the new metastases. He said that if I was not in such good physical condition he would not recommend such action. He reckons that because of the way my body has recovered from each of the processes I’ve been through so far, all options are worth considering. I told him about Dr Gabriel Lau (Dunedin) being prepared to treat me again with radio active spheres. While he acknowledged that as an option, my surgeon mentioned another new process (RFA) where needles are inserted through the chest into each metastases and a high radio-frequency is passed into them to blow them away. He knows it can be done in Auckland and possibly Christchurch. He also has a friend who is a liver specialist in Christchurch and plans to talk with him about my case. He said that if anyone knows of what treatments, old or new are available, publicly or privately, this specialist will. He hopes to have a reply from him for my Oncology visit next Tuesday.

I was blessed to find a surgeon who was interested beyond his own area of expertise and who spoke so positively about my situation.

Another faith-building day.

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