Another faith-building day

09 Feb

Saw the surgeon today with Bronwen and we were blown away by his optimism!

He inspected his handiwork and professed a wish that all his patients had as good a recovery as I have had, especially after radiation therapy. He expressed amazement at how well I’ve healed.

He also expressed shock at the recent CT scan results but encouraged me to seek further options for treatment of the new metastases. He said that if I was not in such good physical condition he would not recommend such action. He reckons that because of the way my body has recovered from each of the processes I’ve been through so far, all options are worth considering. I told him about Dr Gabriel Lau (Dunedin) being prepared to treat me again with radio active spheres. While he acknowledged that as an option, my surgeon mentioned another new process (RFA) where needles are inserted through the chest into each metastases and a high radio-frequency is passed into them to blow them away. He knows it can be done in Auckland and possibly Christchurch. He also has a friend who is a liver specialist in Christchurch and plans to talk with him about my case. He said that if anyone knows of what treatments, old or new are available, publicly or privately, this specialist will. He hopes to have a reply from him for my Oncology visit next Tuesday.

I was blessed to find a surgeon who was interested beyond his own area of expertise and who spoke so positively about my situation.

Another faith-building day.

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