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Still smiling and in love

Just to show that we are weathering the storms of life well, here is the latest pic of the two of us. This weekend we celebrated the 43rd anniversary of our engagement.


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Siblings reunion

Over this past weekend we have enjoyed our annual siblings reunion. Once again, because of my health, it had to be held near us so the two brothers from Auckland with their wives, and the two sisters from Wellington with their husbands descended on Nelson. And what a great choice of city. Wellington had fog one day and rained the rest of the weekend: Auckland had wind and showers while Nelson basked in brilliant weather for the four days of the reunion.

One thing that is synonymous with Duncan reunions is food and laughter. Here are a couple of photos of the get-together

Clockwise from bottom:

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A glimmer of radiological hope

I have managed to track down a Radiologist who, after completing the radio-active spheres procedure hundreds of times overseas, has recently been licenced in NZ to do it here. I sent him copies of the last CT scan and Oncologist report and had a phone call from him a few nights ago. I heard about this man through St George’s Radiology in Christchurch and they suggested he is at the cutting edge of radiological treatment of cancer in NZ.

I cannot have the SIRTs inserted again under the trial I was on, but this Radiologist says there is nothing to prevent me having the procedure again. He did warn though that there is no assurance that it will work again. He recommends that I complete a course of second-line chemo first that should shrink the tumours in the liver and the lung and then he could ablate whatever is left of the metastases in the liver. He might also then be able to remove the lung tumour by radiofrequency ablation. The lung treatment is available under the Public Health system but I would need to pay for the SIRs treatment of my liver (around $15,000).

At least I have some more options to discuss with the Nelson Oncologist when I finally get to see her on 16th Feb. Whatever way He chooses to do it, through medical or divine intervention, we are still praying that the Lord will ‘extend my years.’

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