Yet another faith-building day!

17 Feb

Yesterday we kept our appointment with the Nelson Oncologist. She was the most negative of all the practitioners and specialists we’ve seen, forcing us once again to realise that the keys of death and life only in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As I say, ‘another faith-building day’. Such days are not always ones where positive news abounds. Conversations such as we had with our oncologist make one realise Who one’s hope is in. We keep coming back to that all the time. My only hope is in direct divine intervention.

In the meantime, I am to have another scan next week to ascertain the spread of the metastases, then will have 3 courses of 2nd-line chemotherapy (3 weeks apart). I will then have another scan to learn how things are progressing inside and then look at further specialist treatment such as re-insertion of radioactive spheres, or RFA. The oncologist believes an attack with 2nd line chemo will hit all cancer cells wherever they are in my body, prior to the more specific treatments these other specialties may provide.

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