You have rock-mail!

15 Feb

Last week I received a most unusual parcel in the post. It was so heavy, at first I thought it was a bomb. It was a huge white rock and it had polystyrene packaging around it so that it could not be damaged. There was no note, card, or postmark showing the originating post office so whoever sent it wants to remain anonymous.

On closer examination we found some very fine writing along a crack on one side of the rock. It read, “He hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock and covers me there with His hand.”

On the other side of the rock, in beautiful fine lettering, were the words of one of my poems, Light in my long night, posted on my blog some time ago. The words fit a beautiful cello solo and should be read while listening to the tune. You can access the poem and tune on my blog

A very lovely and thoughtful gift, but I’m not sure what the postman thought when he was delivering it!

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