Did chemo arrive just in time?

14 Mar

This time last Sunday we were out for lunch following attending church and I felt quite a bit of nausea to the point where I could only eat a small lunch in spite of having taken anti-nausea pills. I also had to lie down at our hosts’ place for some time during the early afternoon before coming home early.  That was three days before chemo started again!

Today is totally different. We have been to church, had a chinese noodle takeaway lunch at the beach, enjoyed riding the model trains at the Modellers’ Park with the children, and returned home still bright and bushy tailed. I have had no nausea tablets today, nor do I feel sick. This is three days after chemo started again!

I been feeling pain in the liver region for several days prior to the new round of treatment. Hopefully this last blast of chemo has already knocked the metastases back for a bit. Long may it continue and may the side-effects of treatment continue to be minimal.

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