Good and bad news

08 Mar

Ten days ago I had another CT scan as a baseline for the new round of chemotherapy.

The good news was that the scan showed no new metastases in the liver, the lung or any other organ.

The bad news is that the nine metastases in the liver and the one in the lung have all continued to grow and are about 70% larger on average. (so much for all the nutrients, supplements, etc that I’ve been taking!!)

But further good news is that none of them are as large as the ones I was initially diagnosed with back in September 2008 when the liver was greatly enlarged and there was more cancer  than functioning liver.

Further bad news though was that my surgeon’s liver specialist friend was not able to offer any suggestions of viable alternative interventions.

Further good news is that the Radiologist in Dunedin whom I discovered through St George’s Radiology in Christchurch has contacted my Oncologist here in Nelson and he may be able to insert another lot of radio-active spheres into my liver depending on how the metastases respond to this next round of chemo.

Further bad news is that I will have to pay for those insertions as a private patient.

Further good news is that the same Radiologist believes he may also be able to blast the tumour in the lung with RFA under the public health system at the same time as he repeats the SIRTs treatment in the liver.

Further bad news is that all these options hinge on the outcome of the imminent three courses of chemotherapy, each three weeks apart.

Further good news is that chemo starts this Wednesday, 10th March.

The best news is that God is still on my case and not fazed at all by the machinations of medicos and other mortals.

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