“I can do things

22 Mar

through God who strengthens me”

I am very grateful to God for a full weekend of activity without pain or weakness. On Friday and Saturday I dug hardwood sleepers into the lawn as borders for a vehicle turnaround I am creating alongside our driveway. It is nearly completed it and I have also spread a ton of chip metal on top of weedmat as the surface to drive on. Saturday especially was a fairly full-on day of physical activity.

Then yesterday (Sunday) I participated in three church services. At the first service I played the trombone as part of the music group; at the second I preached at the Nelson International Church (predominantly chinese) with the aid of a translator; and for the third service we attended a Hymnfest with Pacific Island churches and groups in Nelson. We enjoyed a fellowship meal with the Islanders afterwards and came home for a relaxing evening.

I was amazed at the way my energy levels stayed high and I have had no adverse ‘day after’ effects today (Monday). And all of this in the middle of having chemo!

God is good.

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