Living in the past

05 Mar

On Tuesday Bronwen and I flew to Christchurch to attend the Concert at Westpac Stadium featuring Cliff Richard and the Shadows. It was great. I would love to think I have as much energy as Cliff if I make it to 70! Hank Marvin was still the cool dude I liked when I was a teenager.

It was noticeable that 95% of the audience all had grey hair and 70% were women, perhaps still hopeful of catching the Bachelor Boy. One of the good things about going to these sorts of concerts is that the audience aren’t gyrating in their seats and in the aisles obstructing views. Most of them would be worried about ‘popping their hips’! And it doesn’t matter about the noise because they can turn their hearing aids down. I was amused that all around me I could hear people discussing their health issues.

We stayed overnight with friends in Rangiora and caught the plane home the next day. It was full of satisfied concert goers, many of whom we knew.

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