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Just what I need right now – yeah, right!

Between day 7 and day 14 following chemo my platelets and immune levels are very low and I become susceptible to any infection going around. I am supposed to stay clear of public transport and public places where people may be breathing nasties.

Too bad and too late!

Since the weekend I’ve been battling to stop the onset of a heavy cold. Heavy doses of echinacea may be helping minimise the bug but today I have quite a sore throat and chest infection with dripping sinuses.

More rapids on the river of life – but great views!

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Swings, roundabouts and see-saws

That’s what it seems like when you battle any major obstacle in life. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes down, and sometimes going round and round. All that is fine of course if you can turn the experience into a playground.

Had chemo last Wednesday and hardly noticed it. Had a blah day yesterday though and can’t figure out why. Perhaps it is delayed reaction to the chemo or the after-effects of overdoing it at the weekend.

The biggest hassle is still having problems with the stoma and occasional arterial bleeding from where it is joined to the skin. Had 3 bleeds on Saturday (making 4 last week). Mind you, I did climb our fig tree and pruned branches, cut them up, loaded them into the cage on the trailer, hooked the trailer to the car and then unloaded the whole lot at the Rubbish Recycling Centre. Bronwen thinks I might have given my tummy muscles a bit of a tough workout which may have weakened the stoma join.

At least this time I knew what to do and didn’t have to spend hours at Accident and Emergency. My pressure treatment worked and I didn’t lose too much blood this time.

That’s the trouble when you feel good – you don’t like to see others do what you think you can do, so you do more than you should. Perhaps you don’t, but I seem to do just that!


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Meet King Julian

We have been looking for a name for my stoma. I have no control over when it decides to make unsociable noises of ‘move’. The grand children think its funny and often want to know what it is saying to me. While we were in Canberra last week Simeon came up with the name King Julian (of the animated movie, Madagascar, fame).

Now if I am stuck behind someone in a check-out queue or in an otherwise quiet prayer meeting and the stoma decides to make its presence heard I don’t have to advise people “I have a surgical device” and make them envious. Now I can just tell them its King Julian and he likes to “move it, move it”!

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Thanks for praying

I had chemo yesterday and it went amazingly well. When I got home I still had energy to play with Phoebe and read to her while Abraham went to soccer practice. I later cooked a meal for Bronwen and me and did not feel any nausea all evening.

I had some trouble getting to sleep due to the Dexamethozone they add to the chemo (it is a steroid!) but woke this morning quite bright and able to have breakfast. I have had a normal day without blah feelings and managed to get some physical work done this afternoon.

This is the first time that has happened on this series of treatments.

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Another chemo day

I had blood tests on Monday and saw the Oncologist. She seems pretty happy with me. I have pulled up quite well after the trip to Australia and now its once more into the fray!

Today is chemo day again – not my favourite day in the three weekly cycles.

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Flying the flag

Flying the flag

Bronwen and I have enjoyed a week with our son Simeon, his wife Jane and their girls, Grace and Lara, in Canberra.

On Saturday night Simeon, Grace and I went to Canberra Stadium to watch the Super 14 match between ACT Brumbies and the Wellington Hurricanes. I was one of the few in the very parochial crowd flying the flag for the kiwis but it did the trick. With what we thought was the help of a dodgy referree, the Hurricanes defeated the Brumbies 23 – 13. Most of the scoring was down at the end where we were sitting which was great. The evening was clear and windless which would have been foreign to the Hurricanes but they managed to overcome the conditions and emerge triumphant.

The evening capped off a great two weeks with our children and grandchildren in Victoria and ACT.


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