Swings, roundabouts and see-saws

27 Apr

That’s what it seems like when you battle any major obstacle in life. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes down, and sometimes going round and round. All that is fine of course if you can turn the experience into a playground.

Had chemo last Wednesday and hardly noticed it. Had a blah day yesterday though and can’t figure out why. Perhaps it is delayed reaction to the chemo or the after-effects of overdoing it at the weekend.

The biggest hassle is still having problems with the stoma and occasional arterial bleeding from where it is joined to the skin. Had 3 bleeds on Saturday (making 4 last week). Mind you, I did climb our fig tree and pruned branches, cut them up, loaded them into the cage on the trailer, hooked the trailer to the car and then unloaded the whole lot at the Rubbish Recycling Centre. Bronwen thinks I might have given my tummy muscles a bit of a tough workout which may have weakened the stoma join.

At least this time I knew what to do and didn’t have to spend hours at Accident and Emergency. My pressure treatment worked and I didn’t lose too much blood this time.

That’s the trouble when you feel good – you don’t like to see others do what you think you can do, so you do more than you should. Perhaps you don’t, but I seem to do just that!


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