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Can anyone solve a conundrum?

Wise old King Solomon said “Of the making of many books there is no end” (Ecclesiastes 12:12).I would add, “of the suggesting of remedies for cancer there is no end!”

I am presently undergoing a course of chemo. I was advised by the Oncologist that it would be unwise to supplement the treatment with Antioxident supplements as that negates the oxidising effect of the chemo. I received the same advice from a pharmacist at our regular pharmacy – one of the most respected pharmacies in the city. Up to that point I had been taking a number of natural antioxidants and supplements on the advice of natural therapists and medical practitioners. I stopped taking them, at least for the period I am receiving chemotherapy.

Today I was talking to another senior pharmacist (in fact, the owner) at the same pharmacy and he was advising me to take antioxidents to increase the effect of the chemo! He showed me a book with ‘medically tested’ proof. I confessed to him that I had also read other books with ‘medically tested’ proof that argued against the use of antioxidents while undergoing chemotherapy.

Then there is the argument for oxigenating the body to deal with cancers using hydrogen peroxide therapy and hyperbaric chambers, etc.

Wherein lies the truth? In the multitude of counsellors there is much confusion.

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This week has been ‘exciting’ too

We’ve had a ‘fun’ week this week as a prelude to next! – it doesn’t pay to be associated with us at the moment!

We had planned to drive to Dunedin this week for the radioactive spheres procedure originally scheduled for today. (Now happening next week). The Hand of Providence is clearly evident as we would not have been able to get through for the floods in North Otago. We also needed to be in Nelson for other little family crises.

Becky spent Saturday night in Public Hospital with pains in her side/chest and was discharged on Sunday afternoon. She is to return to have her gallbladder out on June 17th. At that time the surgeon will also repair her lapband that has had a leak and has not been as effective as it should.

On Tuesday night it was Abraham‘s turn to go to A & E. It turns out he is an asthmatic and was having an attack!  He was discharged with inhalers and ‘preventers’ etc. They are continuing to watch him for signs of pneumonia as well.

Bronwen and I, Becky and Abraham! Phoebe is the only one of our bunch here in Nelson that hasn’t visited A & E at the hospital over the last few months! What a bunch of crocks.


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Bracing for shooting more rapids!

It’s all going to be happening next week and I’ve a feeling I’ll be fastening the seat belt for a trip down the rapids.

I’m booked into the Medical Unit here in Nelson to receive 3 hours of chemo on Tuesday (1st June) at 10am. Then at 3.45 that afternoon we have to be at the airport to fly to Dunedin via Christchurch arriving in Dunedin at 6.40pm.

There will be no time to have a ‘down day’ following chemo as I’m due at Dunedin Hospital at 2pm on Wednesday (2 June) for pre-ops and blood tests, etc. Back to Bronwen’s brother’s house in Outram for the night then back to the hospital at 7am Thursday (3 June) for the insertion of the radioactive spheres. I’ll be in hospital overnight, in isolation while I’m highly radioactive, and will probably go back to Pete and Joce’s on the Friday or Saturday.

I’ve been told I could feel quite washed out after the spheres insertion so that, coupled with the normal 2 days of chemo ‘blah’, should make for a couple of inactive days. Hopefully there will be no side-effects from the spheres such as I had last time with some radioactivity going to the stomach and causing a fair bit of discomfort.

Bronwen will be with me of course and we’ll be down there for a week, returning to Nelson on Wednesday 9th June.

It’s a fair bit to be happening over a few days and will be quite an assault on the body so I do value your prayers.

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Back from Dunedin but returning soon …

I flew to Dunedin on Monday night and saw the Radiologist and Oncologist at the Dunedin Public Hospital on Tuesday. I had a long chat with the Radiologist and had the hepatic angiograph at 2pm followed by a nuclear scan of the liver and lung. The embolisation coils from the SIRFLOX Trial were still good and no new vessels had sprung up so no further embolisation was required to prevent spheres shunting to the lung or other organs.

After lying on my back for 4 hours to prevent leakage from my femoral artery (through which the procedure had been carried out) I was eventually discharged at 7.30pm. After another night staying with Bronwen’s brother and his wife, I flew home this morning (Wednesday) in time for my surgical outpatient’s appointment to check on the stoma.

All the news is good.

The radiologist is very pleased and I will return to Dunedin next week to have the radioactive spheres inserted into the liver. The RFA treatment of the metastasis in the lung will be carried out on yet another visit to Dunedin.

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Off to Dunedin

On Friday I had a call from Dr Lau, the Teaching Radiologist at Otago Medical School, and its all systems go.

I will be flying down (alone) to Dunedin on Monday evening to meet with him and their Oncologist on Tuesday morning. In the afternoon I will be admitted to Day Stay Surgery for an angiograph, a nuclear scan to ensure there is no possibility of lung shunting, and for Dr Lau to do an anatomy of the arteries. This is similar to procedures when I had the SIRTs insertions under the trial in December 2008.

I will fly home on Wednesday, (in time for a surgical outpatient’s appointment with Adrian Secker about my stoma). Assuming the investigation of my lung and liver is straight-forward next Tuesday, Bronwen and I will return to Dunedin to have the Radioactive spheres inserted on May 27 or 28. We will probably remain in Dunedin for about a week while I am highly radioactive.


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Thanks for your prayers – God is good

Had fourth round of chemo this afternoon – 3 hours of it.

I am once again amazed at the lack of side-effects I am having from it. One hour after leaving the hospital I was able to drive Abraham to soccer practice and then come home and prepare and cook a meal for Bronwen and me.

Now I’m waiting to hear from the Dunedin radiologist who is meeting his colleagues tomorrow to discuss if and when I should have more radio-active spheres inserted into my liver.

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