Back from Dunedin but returning soon …

19 May

I flew to Dunedin on Monday night and saw the Radiologist and Oncologist at the Dunedin Public Hospital on Tuesday. I had a long chat with the Radiologist and had the hepatic angiograph at 2pm followed by a nuclear scan of the liver and lung. The embolisation coils from the SIRFLOX Trial were still good and no new vessels had sprung up so no further embolisation was required to prevent spheres shunting to the lung or other organs.

After lying on my back for 4 hours to prevent leakage from my femoral artery (through which the procedure had been carried out) I was eventually discharged at 7.30pm. After another night staying with Bronwen’s brother and his wife, I flew home this morning (Wednesday) in time for my surgical outpatient’s appointment to check on the stoma.

All the news is good.

The radiologist is very pleased and I will return to Dunedin next week to have the radioactive spheres inserted into the liver. The RFA treatment of the metastasis in the lung will be carried out on yet another visit to Dunedin.

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