Bracing for shooting more rapids!

27 May

It’s all going to be happening next week and I’ve a feeling I’ll be fastening the seat belt for a trip down the rapids.

I’m booked into the Medical Unit here in Nelson to receive 3 hours of chemo on Tuesday (1st June) at 10am. Then at 3.45 that afternoon we have to be at the airport to fly to Dunedin via Christchurch arriving in Dunedin at 6.40pm.

There will be no time to have a ‘down day’ following chemo as I’m due at Dunedin Hospital at 2pm on Wednesday (2 June) for pre-ops and blood tests, etc. Back to Bronwen’s brother’s house in Outram for the night then back to the hospital at 7am Thursday (3 June) for the insertion of the radioactive spheres. I’ll be in hospital overnight, in isolation while I’m highly radioactive, and will probably go back to Pete and Joce’s on the Friday or Saturday.

I’ve been told I could feel quite washed out after the spheres insertion so that, coupled with the normal 2 days of chemo ‘blah’, should make for a couple of inactive days. Hopefully there will be no side-effects from the spheres such as I had last time with some radioactivity going to the stomach and causing a fair bit of discomfort.

Bronwen will be with me of course and we’ll be down there for a week, returning to Nelson on Wednesday 9th June.

It’s a fair bit to be happening over a few days and will be quite an assault on the body so I do value your prayers.

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