Can anyone solve a conundrum?

31 May

Wise old King Solomon said “Of the making of many books there is no end” (Ecclesiastes 12:12).I would add, “of the suggesting of remedies for cancer there is no end!”

I am presently undergoing a course of chemo. I was advised by the Oncologist that it would be unwise to supplement the treatment with Antioxident supplements as that negates the oxidising effect of the chemo. I received the same advice from a pharmacist at our regular pharmacy – one of the most respected pharmacies in the city. Up to that point I had been taking a number of natural antioxidants and supplements on the advice of natural therapists and medical practitioners. I stopped taking them, at least for the period I am receiving chemotherapy.

Today I was talking to another senior pharmacist (in fact, the owner) at the same pharmacy and he was advising me to take antioxidents to increase the effect of the chemo! He showed me a book with ‘medically tested’ proof. I confessed to him that I had also read other books with ‘medically tested’ proof that argued against the use of antioxidents while undergoing chemotherapy.

Then there is the argument for oxigenating the body to deal with cancers using hydrogen peroxide therapy and hyperbaric chambers, etc.

Wherein lies the truth? In the multitude of counsellors there is much confusion.

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