Off to Dunedin

15 May

On Friday I had a call from Dr Lau, the Teaching Radiologist at Otago Medical School, and its all systems go.

I will be flying down (alone) to Dunedin on Monday evening to meet with him and their Oncologist on Tuesday morning. In the afternoon I will be admitted to Day Stay Surgery for an angiograph, a nuclear scan to ensure there is no possibility of lung shunting, and for Dr Lau to do an anatomy of the arteries. This is similar to procedures when I had the SIRTs insertions under the trial in December 2008.

I will fly home on Wednesday, (in time for a surgical outpatient’s appointment with Adrian Secker about my stoma). Assuming the investigation of my lung and liver is straight-forward next Tuesday, Bronwen and I will return to Dunedin to have the Radioactive spheres inserted on May 27 or 28. We will probably remain in Dunedin for about a week while I am highly radioactive.


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