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Another day, another round of chemo

Today is chemo day again!

I don’t mind a day of feeling a bit yukky if it goes on halting the progress of the cancer as it seems to have done so far.

Thanks to those who have been praying for me

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Latest scan results

I have received a copy of the CT scan report and the news seems to be OK.

In its findings there is a comparison with the earlier scan of 15 February and I also have the report from the Jan 7 scan so I can make a further comparison to determine what’s been happening over the last 4 months.

Basically, all the metastases grew significantly between January 7 and February 25 (7 weeks) so they have been aggressive little things.

For instance one grew from 15mm to 29mm diameter – almost 100%. In the latest scan (9.5 weeks later) that one has only grown another 1mm. It is now 30mm.

Another grew from 17mm in January to 23mm diameter in Feb and but has also only grown another 1mm in the past to 24mm.

Another grew from 9mm to 14mm and is still 14mm.

The one in the lung has gone from 9mm last September (I didn’t know it could be seen then!!) to 11mm in January and to 14mm by 25 February. It has remained at 14mm.

Of course, these measurements don’t indicate if the meastases have actually been bigger since March and are now reducing, or if they have been stopped at the present sizes. The present measurements are 9.5 weeks after the Feb 25th scan they certainly seem to have slowed down compared to the rapid growth in the previous 7 weeks.

Also, significantly, the report states that there are no signs of metastases in any lymph nodes, spleen, pancreas, adrenals, bones or right kidney (there is a non-cancerous cyst in my left kidney that has remained a constant size throughout). In other words, the cancer does not seem to be spreading anywhere else in my body.

The conclusion of the Nelson Radiologist this time is “Stable disease”. Of course, I have not had this report commented on by the Oncologist yet and will still have to wait till next Monday (11th May) for the expert’s view.

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Scan results

Have had the scan and they will be read by the radiologist later in the day. The report will be typed up and sent out to the Oncologist, Dunedin Radiologist and my GP tomorrow. I may know the result later in the week however I have an appointment to see the Oncologist next Monday (11th) so may not get anything till then.

As soon as I hear something I will post it to the blog.

Watch this space

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Scan day

Today (Monday 4 May) is the next biggie. I have a Chest/Abdomen/Pelvis CT Scan the results of which will help determine the direction and extent of further treatments. It will indicate how the present metastases are responding to the course of chemotherapy I am presently on and if there has been a spread. The report will help us decide on what other treatments might be possible.

Incidentally, I am recovering very fast from the sore throat and chesty cold I contracted last Thursday. I think that indicates my body still has the capacity to bounce back from infections, even though this has occured during the most vulnerable time following chemo.

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