This week has been ‘exciting’ too

27 May

We’ve had a ‘fun’ week this week as a prelude to next! – it doesn’t pay to be associated with us at the moment!

We had planned to drive to Dunedin this week for the radioactive spheres procedure originally scheduled for today. (Now happening next week). The Hand of Providence is clearly evident as we would not have been able to get through for the floods in North Otago. We also needed to be in Nelson for other little family crises.

Becky spent Saturday night in Public Hospital with pains in her side/chest and was discharged on Sunday afternoon. She is to return to have her gallbladder out on June 17th. At that time the surgeon will also repair her lapband that has had a leak and has not been as effective as it should.

On Tuesday night it was Abraham‘s turn to go to A & E. It turns out he is an asthmatic and was having an attack!  He was discharged with inhalers and ‘preventers’ etc. They are continuing to watch him for signs of pneumonia as well.

Bronwen and I, Becky and Abraham! Phoebe is the only one of our bunch here in Nelson that hasn’t visited A & E at the hospital over the last few months! What a bunch of crocks.


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2 Responses to This week has been ‘exciting’ too

  1. Simeon Duncan

    27 May, 2010 at 11:29 am

    And why do A&E visits always have to happen at night? Flaming annoying!
    Good to know you’ve got a decent hospital nearby.

  2. Pat and Tony Anderson

    29 May, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    I love the Poem Doug it reminds of one I gave you a while back, a song in the night taken from Habukuk 2 God is truly our strength as I have proved may times over the years, as I have walked this road Jesus has always been there, in the good and bad times, He is the greatest joy of my heart, and I know he reigns in yours and Bronwens, so take heart He is there and carrying you at this time, Blessings Love Pat and Tony


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