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More frustration!

I was supposed to have my 6th session of chemotherapy today but it has been postponed another week. My blood platelet levels had only just reached the minimum level required but with my chest cold and consequent feelings of general malaise, the Oncologist believes it would be too risky to proceed this week.

I have a bad cough, but is there such a thing as a good cough?

Very frustrating. Another opportunity to practice ‘being content in whatever situation or state I’m in’.

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Blood tests ok

Having missed chemo last week, I had another blood test today. While not quite up to the minimum level, my platelets have recovered sufficiently to warrant being scheduled for chemotherapy this Wednesday.

After this week I should have two more sessions of chemo at three-weekly intervals. This will take me into mid-August, making 8 sessions in total. I’ll be glad when it is all complete.

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Do dolls have an effect on little girls?

I recently observed a four-year old girl playing with dolls. She had some that looked like proper little babies; she also had some Barbie teen-age looking dolls. Her interaction with each was interesting to observe.

With the baby type dolls she nursed them, cuddled them and at times spoke sternly to them admonishing them to behave. She acted like a genuine little mother to them.

With the Barbie type teen-age dolls she used a lot of grown up slang and acted as if she was one of their peers. I heard her commenting that some things ‘sucked’ and the term “Oh my God” was used frequently.

Perhaps older looking dolls are contributing to our children losing their childhood and growing up too early. Perhaps they do influence what kind of clothes these little girls like to wear. It is interesting to hear what they mimic with the different types of dolls.

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A thoughtful comment worth sharing

This afternoon I asked Abe and Phoebe (our 2 local grandchildren) what we could do together. Would they like me to put up the basketball backboard on the front of the garage? (Abe loves to shoot baskets and Phoebe wants to do netball). Would they like me to start building a tree-house in the plum tree? So that I wouldn’t hear, Abe leaned over to Grandma and whispered something, and told me he would opt for the tree-house. Bronwen explained to me later that he had placed his hand on his tummy (where my stoma would be) and told her he didn’t want me lifting heavy objects! I was touched by his thoughtfulness.

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On the up and up … maybe!

Perhaps it was the excitement of having the chemo postponed for a week, but this afternoon I got rash with the physical activity. I built the platform base for a tree-house in the plum tree for the local grandchildren, and then went for a bike-ride around the property with Abe! ├é┬áConsidering I have very little natural padding to add to whatever is in a modern bike seat, I thought I managed very well. Phoebe laughed to see me complete with bike hat and said, “Grandad, look at you!”

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No chemo this week

I saw the Oncologist today and she thought I looked a lot better than when she saw me in the street last week.

My body has had to endure quite a lot in the past three weeks with a split round of chemo spread over 2 weeks with the radioactive spheres insertion between. This was reflected in today’s blood test results that showed my platelets are too low for me to have the chemotherapy scheduled for this week. I will now have round six of eight rounds next week.

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