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22 Jun

This afternoon I asked Abe and Phoebe (our 2 local grandchildren) what we could do together. Would they like me to put up the basketball backboard on the front of the garage? (Abe loves to shoot baskets and Phoebe wants to do netball). Would they like me to start building a tree-house in the plum tree? So that I wouldn’t hear, Abe leaned over to Grandma and whispered something, and told me he would opt for the tree-house. Bronwen explained to me later that he had placed his hand on his tummy (where my stoma would be) and told her he didn’t want me lifting heavy objects! I was touched by his thoughtfulness.

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  1. Pat and Tony Anderson

    22 June, 2010 at 7:56 pm

    Hi Doug, good to hear you are doing thins, but don’t work to hard, Tony at mens group tonight,
    All else well, you take care Love to you Both, Pat and Tony


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