Do dolls have an effect on little girls?

28 Jun

I recently observed a four-year old girl playing with dolls. She had some that looked like proper little babies; she also had some Barbie teen-age looking dolls. Her interaction with each was interesting to observe.

With the baby type dolls she nursed them, cuddled them and at times spoke sternly to them admonishing them to behave. She acted like a genuine little mother to them.

With the Barbie type teen-age dolls she used a lot of grown up slang and acted as if she was one of their peers. I heard her commenting that some things ‘sucked’ and the term “Oh my God” was used frequently.

Perhaps older looking dolls are contributing to our children losing their childhood and growing up too early. Perhaps they do influence what kind of clothes these little girls like to wear. It is interesting to hear what they mimic with the different types of dolls.

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