Rough start but coming right

05 Jun

The SIRT insertion went quite well but I had a bradychardia attack towards the end when I broke out in a sweat and my pulse dropped to 42. Blood tests and ECG showed it wasn’t a ‘cardiac event’. It appears something ‘tickled’ the vagal nerve. 

I had pain across the lower chest/rib-cage area all day. It peaked between 2am and 4am on Friday morning and was held in check with the morphine pump. After 6am there was no nausea or further pain and I was discharged at lunchtime. 

Last night (Friday) I perspired profusely in bed and was very itchy all over, signs that my liver had taken a hit and that liver function was impaired. I had been warned this might happen and should only be concerned if it persisted. The radioactive cells are making their presence felt but the body is coping with it and today is becoming a pretty normal day.

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