There’s no bed like your own

11 Jun

Got home from Dunedin on Wednesday afternoon, went straight to hopsital fro blood tests then took Abe to football (soccer) practice.

Felt absolutely exhausted in the evening after a full week and collapsed into bed early. Hospital beds are more comfortable than they used to be and friends’ beds are nice and cosy too, but there is no bed and there are no more relaxing surroundings to let you guard down in than your own!

Felt marginally better before going to the hospital at 9am Thursday for 2nd half of the 5th round of chemo in this present course. (1st half was the Tuesday morning I flew to Dunedin a week ago). Some of my liver function readings are very high which is not good but not causing concern because the other two parts are within normal bounds.

I have another course of chemo in 2 weeks and will have the CT Scan about 14 July to observe what damage the spheres have done to the metastases. There is a brilliant picture of what the spheres look like before insertion The picture is reproduced below

but you can get more details if you click on this link – this is identical to what I received and how. I’ve also reproduced it below:

More appointments, more frustrations in being able to plan ahead. The stoma seems to have settled down (except when passing radioactive waste that seems to react with the skin immediately surrounding it with hot burning stinging feelings). More special grace continually needed and received – I am generally feeling pretty comfortable and still having no major side-effects from any of the treatments.


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