CT Scan report seems promising

21 Jul

On July 15th I had the CT Scan to observe the initial effects of the treatment and received the report on Tuesday. There are a couple of parts that need a medical interpreter (Jargonese seems to be rife in medical reports too!), however the report seems to indicate that significant progress is being made.

The report states that “there is a reduction in the volume of the known hepatic masses.” It then lists several of the metastases in the liver and shows that some have reduced by up to 50% already, and one that had been 14mm is no longer ‘discernible’.

There seem to be no new metastases anywhere in the body. All lymph areas are clear. There is nothing in the bones. What’s left of the bowel is normal and there is no free intraperitoneal fluid in it (I gather that is a good thing!)

The tumour in the lung is the same size but ‘central cavitation‘ has increased. I believe this means it is dying from the inside out. Something is starving the blood supply to the tumour. Again, all good. I hope to talk with the Dunedin radiologist later this week and have an appointment with the local Oncologist next Monday. The question of ablating the lung tumour will be discussed then.

On the negative side, I have an enlarged spleen (possibly due to the various treatments and infections) and some renal cysts (non-cancerous) remain the same. I am significantly anaemic and have very low resistance to infections. This will explain the current feelings of exhaustion and inability to shake off a persistent chesty cough.

Considering everything that has been thrown at my body over the past 2 years, I am happy to be where I am and very aware that it is the Lord’s incredible grace that has brought me this far. I have at least 2 more rounds of chemo to go and what happens after that will depend to a large extent on how my body is handling the abuse.

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