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06 Jul

There is a verse in the Bible that tells us to “cast all your care on Him for He cares for you”

In my long trek through ‘the valley of the shadow of death’ there have been many ‘blah’ days. These are days of overwhelming feelings of lethargy: it is hard to get out of bed; I look at the cupboard and try to muster up enough energy to have breakfast; I feel light headed and fidgety; I can’t focus to do anything constructive; even watching a favourite programme on TV seems absolutely pointless and I am unable to endure more than a few minutes of it; I lie down but  sleep mocks me; I can only concentrate long enough to read a light magazine article and even making the choice of which article to read is hard work.

When I try to sleep I am jostled by anxious thoughts about all the things I should be doing: I can see the trees that need spraying; the bird cage that needs cleaning; the jobs Bronwen is having to do that I should be doing; the letters and emails that need answering; etc, etc. I know we are not meant to ‘sweat the small stuff’ but when the battle is in the mind, that comment is a platitude!

At such times I have found I must consciously roll my anxieties onto God – one by one. New Age vacant mind meditation is absurd. Internalised ‘mindfulness meditation’ that focuses on the pain or the problem and rides it like a wave is also pointless. Only God, who knows the number of our days and underwrites our yesterdays, todays and tomorrows, is able to calm the mind and help get things into perspective. Only an eternal perspective can make the present pain and earthly duties reduce to a non-threatening size. Praying to a real Person who has the world in His hands, who holds the atom together, and who has my name engraved on His palms, brings practical relief and sleep.

I had a very bad blah day on Sunday. Even though I went to church I could barely sit through a service I would normally enjoy. As I finally made it to the night hours and lay in my bed, I wondered if, when we see Jesus and discover the history of His providential care throughout the course of our lives, we will wonder why we did not rest and trust Him more this side of death.

“Cast all your care on Him”. (1 Peter 5:7) It’s almost like saying, “Why have a dog, and bark yourself?”

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