Giving thanks for divine protection

18 Jul

On Friday, 9th July when Abraham and I drove down to Hanmer Springs for the weekend, we stopped at Maruia Falls for lunch. It is on the main highway, about 22 kilometres south of Murchison. The falls are interesting in that they were formed during the 1929 Murchison earthquake. I wanted to show and explain the geological feature to Abraham.

After I had photographed him beside the river I turned to walk back up to our vehicle. My feet slipped on the rocks and I crashed down on my left side on the rocks. I landed on a rock on my stoma – no pain, but it precipitated some bleeding for the next 24 hours!  The left side of my head smacked the ground very hard, the main impact being between the left ear and my temple. It was so quick that I had no chance to put my hands out to protect myself. What amazed me was that my head landed on an area of soft grass about 30cm x 30cm (1 ft x 1 ft). There was a rock 4cm in front of my nose and another large one just above my head. On inspection I discovered that it was the only clear patch of grass free of stones or rocks for several meters around.

The area is out of mobile phone range (for my phone anyway) and no-one else was around. If I had landed on a rock, I wonder what Abraham could have done, and where I might be now!

When we gave thanks for our lunch we also gave heartfelt thanks for God’s wonderful protection.

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