Limitations of Biographies

23 Jul

I enjoy biographies of great people and great Christians but biographies have their limitations. I find there is a tendency to compare oneself unfavourably with those written about. We can begin to feel our own lives are very mundane: we seem to fall short  by comparison. They seem like giants, we seem like dwarfs.

I was musing on this one day when it seemed like the Lord said, “Is it a competition?” To whom do we compare ourselves in our acts of Christian service? And don’t tell me we don’t. We are continually assessing people, often unconsciously, and grading them according to our “good Christian” criteria. Are we looking at the stars or the quiet saints in the pews?

When I became quite unwell in Hanmer Springs a few weekends ago, an elderly couple who are very dear friends offered to drive us back to Nelson. The man and his wife both have slow-growing cancers, diabetes, joint problems and other physical ailments that they do not let inhibit their loving actions. They were prepared to make the four hour trip and then drive straight back to Hanmer Springs. I was humbled by this example of God’s love. They probably won’t have a book written about them, but their lives are a revelation of quiet, faithful, unsung service to God and His people.

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