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Too good to last!

The last couple of times I have had chemo I have had bleeding from somewhere (inside, or around the stoma) that has started the day after chemo and lasted about 4 days. I thought I’d come through clear this time since it is 4 days since chemo, but today the bleeding started again. I had been told that if it happened again I should report to the Emergency Dept at the hospital for blood analysis in the hope of finding where it is coming from. I think it’s an ulcer that is aggravated by the chemo.

Fortunately my Oncologist had a clinic today so I was able see her late in the afternoon. She has arranged for me to have a Gastroscopy this coming Wednesday to have a look at the upper gastric tracts. I also had a full blood count to see if I need a transfusion because I was very anaemic last week when I had the chemo. My colour is not too bad so I’m hopeful everything will be OK.

Coming on top of the complications Rebekah has experienced following her gall-bladder and lap-band surgery last Thursday we’ve had quite a week of it.

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Now you see it; now you don’t

I spoke to early about changing my photo now that my hair is returning.

Combat troops are leaving Iraq and leaving it as a desert again. Colonel Folicle has also decided to take a large number of his folicle troops and retreat from my pate again leaving it a patchy desert. Hopefully he’ll leave a few troops for essential cover!

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Last chemo in present cycle

I presented to the Hospital today for the last chemo in the present cycle. My platelets seemed to be OK but there is a problem with my haemoglobin. It is quite low and borderline for a transfusion. If I have any bleeding over the next few days as I have with the last two chemo infusions, I will probably have to get some blood pumped into me. The only symptoms I have of anaemia is occasional lightheadedness if I move too quickly, and feelings of lethargy.

Rebekah has surgery in the morning to repair her lapband and also to remove her gall-bladder. Both procedures will hopefully be done by keyhole surgery. She has to present at 7.30am so Bronwen will have an early start to take her to the hospital and sit with her till she goes into the theatre. We have the children overnight and for the next few days while she recuperates.

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Good signs

Since when was putting on weight a good thing? Most people worry about getting too heavy and are always watching their diets to keep their weight down.

I just weighed myself and am happy that I’m putting on weight! Between August and November last year I lost 10kg. Since Febuary this year I have gained nearly 6kg. Bronwen thinks I’m now at the stage when I should not gain any more, but maintain the present weight.

I am rejoicing in my weight gain. It is a good sign. My hair has also come back and most people comment on how well I look. Long may it continue.

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“And it came to pass …”

This phrase is used a lot in the Bible and it is a great comfort. Things don’t come to stay, they come to pass!

After 4 days of misery following the last lot of chemo, things have improved greatly. My energy levels have quickly returned and I’ve managed to avoid the viral infection Bronwen has had in her throat and chest. She is on the mend too but it has taken a longer time.

We were supposed to look after Abraham and Phoebe for a few days while Rebekah had her gall-bladder and lap-band surgery on Thursday but that has been postponed till next week due to a delay on the Lapband company’s part in supplying the necessary replacement.

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The week is getting better

I’m still feeling very blessed.

Though it is taking me longer to recover from the chemo I am coming right energy-wise within a week. I seem to get quite a bit of bleeding for 3 days following chemo and then it settles down. No-one seems to be sure where it is coming from but from Day 4 after chemo until the next lot the bleeding stops. If it happens again I need to have the blood tested so the medicos can identify its origins.

I’m also suffering pain in the middle of the back on the right side. It feels like a pinched nerve and catches me fairly regularly from time to time. I’m hoping and praying that will clear up soon too.

The Radiologist has been back in touch with me but hasn’t yet suggested a date for ablating the metastases in the lung. He does not believe there is great urgency with it. We’ll continue to play the game of ‘Patience’!

Please pray for Bronwen who had to go to the doctor again yesterday. She has gone down with yet another viral infection in her throat and chest. She has had several this winter and of course, with my lowered immune system, I have to do my best not to pick up the infection too.

Considering all the things that have happened over the past two years, we are still feeling very blessed.

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