Last chemo in present cycle

25 Aug

I presented to the Hospital today for the last chemo in the present cycle. My platelets seemed to be OK but there is a problem with my haemoglobin. It is quite low and borderline for a transfusion. If I have any bleeding over the next few days as I have with the last two chemo infusions, I will probably have to get some blood pumped into me. The only symptoms I have of anaemia is occasional lightheadedness if I move too quickly, and feelings of lethargy.

Rebekah has surgery in the morning to repair her lapband and also to remove her gall-bladder. Both procedures will hopefully be done by keyhole surgery. She has to present at 7.30am so Bronwen will have an early start to take her to the hospital and sit with her till she goes into the theatre. We have the children overnight and for the next few days while she recuperates.

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