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Spoke too soon!

Chemo went OK on Wednesday and Thursday started well. Then things started to go downhill. I think the cumulative effect of months of chemo is taking its toll and Friday and Saturday became very blah days. I spent most of the time lying down not even feeling up to reading, cooking or eating much. At least on Saturday it rained so I didn’t have to feel guilty about the things I should be doing in the garden.

The redeeming feature of days like that is having the grandchildren nearby. When their bright little faces appear it perks the heart up. Isn’t it amazing the therapeutic effect of warm loving children on sick and elderly. Why don’t institutions encourage their presence more in hospitals, hospices and aged care facilities?

Was able to go to church yesterday and even played the trombone accompanying singing at the bi-monthly Nelson Baptist Service for Seniors. I think I suffered afterwards though as a result of all the diaphragm exercise!

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One down, one to go

Yesterday I had the seventh in my present course of Chemotherapy. One to go – hopefully in three weeks if I don’t contract any more colds or bugs. The session lasted from 1pm to 4pm and the only trouble with afternoon treatments is that amongst the concoctions pumped into you is Dexamethazone which is an ‘upper’ so its still very effective when you want to go to sleep that night!

Today has dawned fine and I don’t feel too bad. We have Abe and Phoebe for two days and nights while Becky is in Christchurch with her part-time job. I’ll be taking them to the Mapua Aquarium for a field trip with other homeschoolers this afternoon. Abe and Phoebe are always very well behaved at our place so no real probs when they come to stay here.

Bronwen is in bed though today – she’s picked up another chest infection. We are hugging and kissing from a distance!

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Chemo today and then one to go!

Today I have the 7th round of chemo in the present course. This is the one postponed from last week when I had not recovered from a chest infection. I’m feeling lots better today. If I manage to stay free of further colds and chest infections, I should have the last scheduled chemo at the end of August. I will then have another CT scan in September to review progress. The Oncologist is pleasantly surprised at how sensitive this aggressive form of cancer is to the particular chemo drug I am on.

I am still waiting to hear from the Dunedin radiologist about a date for going to Christchurch to have the RFA treatment of the lung tumour. It doesn’t bother me at the moment and is slowly responding to the chemo but it will be good to have it blasted into oblivion.

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