Spoke too soon!

09 Aug

Chemo went OK on Wednesday and Thursday started well. Then things started to go downhill. I think the cumulative effect of months of chemo is taking its toll and Friday and Saturday became very blah days. I spent most of the time lying down not even feeling up to reading, cooking or eating much. At least on Saturday it rained so I didn’t have to feel guilty about the things I should be doing in the garden.

The redeeming feature of days like that is having the grandchildren nearby. When their bright little faces appear it perks the heart up. Isn’t it amazing the therapeutic effect of warm loving children on sick and elderly. Why don’t institutions encourage their presence more in hospitals, hospices and aged care facilities?

Was able to go to church yesterday and even played the trombone accompanying singing at the bi-monthly Nelson Baptist Service for Seniors. I think I suffered afterwards though as a result of all the diaphragm exercise!

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