The week is getting better

12 Aug

I’m still feeling very blessed.

Though it is taking me longer to recover from the chemo I am coming right energy-wise within a week. I seem to get quite a bit of bleeding for 3 days following chemo and then it settles down. No-one seems to be sure where it is coming from but from Day 4 after chemo until the next lot the bleeding stops. If it happens again I need to have the blood tested so the medicos can identify its origins.

I’m also suffering pain in the middle of the back on the right side. It feels like a pinched nerve and catches me fairly regularly from time to time. I’m hoping and praying that will clear up soon too.

The Radiologist has been back in touch with me but hasn’t yet suggested a date for ablating the metastases in the lung. He does not believe there is great urgency with it. We’ll continue to play the game of ‘Patience’!

Please pray for Bronwen who had to go to the doctor again yesterday. She has gone down with yet another viral infection in her throat and chest. She has had several this winter and of course, with my lowered immune system, I have to do my best not to pick up the infection too.

Considering all the things that have happened over the past two years, we are still feeling very blessed.

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