Too good to last!

30 Aug

The last couple of times I have had chemo I have had bleeding from somewhere (inside, or around the stoma) that has started the day after chemo and lasted about 4 days. I thought I’d come through clear this time since it is 4 days since chemo, but today the bleeding started again. I had been told that if it happened again I should report to the Emergency Dept at the hospital for blood analysis in the hope of finding where it is coming from. I think it’s an ulcer that is aggravated by the chemo.

Fortunately my Oncologist had a clinic today so I was able see her late in the afternoon. She has arranged for me to have a Gastroscopy this coming Wednesday to have a look at the upper gastric tracts. I also had a full blood count to see if I need a transfusion because I was very anaemic last week when I had the chemo. My colour is not too bad so I’m hopeful everything will be OK.

Coming on top of the complications Rebekah has experienced following her gall-bladder and lap-band surgery last Thursday we’ve had quite a week of it.

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