Better. but still not at my best

10 Sep

After having the 2 units of blood last week and completing the 7 day course of antibiotics for the ulcer, I am feeling a lot better.

I don’t think I’m at my best though and am finding I now have anaemia-induced angina. It is very frustrating to start weeding the garden, or take the children for a bush walk, or go out in a cool wind and have strong chest pain. This afternoon I couldn’t even walk 50 yards on the flat to a footbridge by the Brook Stream without having to stop because my legs went to jelly and my chest hurt.

A visit to the doctor this morning resulted in him explaining that when one is anaemic, the heart has to pump harder to the vital organs and more adrenalin is released to enable this. He has given me a very mild prescription of beta blockers to slow the heart down.

Curiously, I find that if I rest and then continue the activity, the pain goes away. The doctor said that it is the initial ‘acceleration’ that causes the extra load on the heart.

I’m taking liquid iron and foods that will raise my haemoglobin to rebuild the health of my blood supply. It should improve in the next few weeks.

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  1. Benaiah

    13 September, 2010 at 4:47 pm

    I suppose some new zealanders pay big money for an adrenalin rush. nontheless I would rather see you healthy and hangin of a buungy cord than having to stop every 50, dont mean to remind you of your age 😉 and whats coming for me too no doubt but, gee even at 28 with a damaged back from a surfing accident im always thinkng about just how fun a new body from the Master of Newness willlll be!! wo hoo ! Tandem Bungy in the Throne room!
    The Angels have been chekin God out round and round for Ages. how about we go from top to bottom,? sounds like a rush i dont know if i could handle that much heavenly info at once, as we go down our tears go up. IN all seriousness a new body thought realy gets me goin some days. God give u strength Iron Man much love B
    p.s. not sure what the style of your forum is so i know u wont feel obliged to put any of my comments up ( i cant bring a whipper snipper into hear? dang?;-) just want you to know i think of you alot with everyone else and i cant wait to read your poems


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