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23 Sep

I had the scheduled CT Scan as an inpatient because of the blood transfusions I was receiving. That evening the surgeon took a sneak preview and gave me the ‘thumbs up’ signal to say that though the report had not been written, the metastases in my liver were continuing to reduce in size.

I received my written report in the mail on Friday. In summary it states that:

The tumour in the lung has increased from 1.3cm diameter to 1.5cm diameter but continues to cavitate. There are no other nodules visible in the lung;

The two largest metastases in the liver have reduced from 2.4cm diameter to 1.5cm diameter and 1.4cm diameter to .9cm diameter. The liver evidences ‘diffuse inhomgenuity in density’ (probably due to the belting its had over recent months). No other discrete nodules can be identified.

There is no evidence of cancer in any lymph nodes; there is no extraneous fluid; all other organs appear normal and there is no trace of cancer in my spine.

I would think that is all good news, but when I visited the Oncologist on Monday afternoon, she poured cold water on the report declaring that the treatments have not eradicated the metastases and there are no further options she could suggest. As far as she was concerned the last round of chemo has been completed; she will order a new blood test in 6 weeks and see me again just before Christmas. What she will do then I do not know but I will not be idle in the meantime! I was amazed that she saw no positives in the treatments to this point, and gave no credence to any further measures we have been considering in getting rid of these final tumours. The fact that there had been 9 measurable measurable metastases in the liver in January and now there are only 2 measurable ones must surely be a positive basis for continued hope?

We think so anyway, and will be investigating all possibilities to see the last of the nasties eradicated.

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