Lung and Liver Metastases

28 Sep

We’re still working on this one. I was talking to the Teaching Radiologist in Dunedin who did the SIRT procedure and he is still believes it is worth ablating the metastasis in the lung. He admits it will not be curative but will prolong the disease-free interval. He also wants to re-inspect the CT scan to see if it might be profitable to use RFA to remove the remaining metastases in the liver as well. He has even offered to come to Nelson at his own expense to perform the procedure here and has spoken to the Nelson Public Hospital Radiologist who is evidently keen for him to do so. It all seems to depend on my Oncologist, who to this point has been more obstructionist than helpful. God can move the minds of kings though, so pray with us that He will sort out the bureaucratic impediments that hinder our progress.

At the moment I am experiencing no symptoms from the metastasis in the lung and only minor pain from the liver mets. The ulcer doesn’t really bother me too much either. I do notice that my reduced haemoglobin levels adversely affect my energy, but I am exceedingly grateful that I seem to be very much better than when I was first diagnosed in September 2008.

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