Replenishing the reserves

02 Sep

I’m feeling a lot better today after receiving two units of blood yesterday at the Day Stay Unit, Nelson Hospital. I had lost blood on Monday and Tuesday and my Haemoglobin had dropped to 80.

While I was there, I was taken through to theatre for a Gastroscopy and Endoscopy to ascertain where the bleeding was originating. I had a local anaesthetic in the throat before they poked the tube with light and camera down. The stomach was clear but when the tube reached the upper level of the small bowel, the surgeon exclaimed, “Wowee, I can see where the blood’s coming from”. I now have a picture of one large and one small ulcer near the top of the duodenum.

And as I suspected, the ulcer is inflamed for a few days by the chemo in my system. Things should settle down a bit now as I have a ‘chemo holiday’. In a couple of weeks I have another CT Scan to discover what is happening to the remaining metastases in the liver and lung. Hopefully they are still receding, or gone completely!

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