Unexpected twists and turns

17 Sep

After being diagnosed with anaemia-induced angina last Friday morning, I had a massive bleed into my stoma on Friday night – I lost about 5-600ml. Bronwen wanted me to go to the Emergency Department right away but since it was 10pm and the bleeding had stopped, I refrained.

The weekend was full with Abraham’s soccer on Saturday, church on Sunday, Abraham’s soccer prize-giving in the afternoon. On Monday I made breakfast for all, then took Becky to an appointment at the Public Hospital. In the afternoon I felt very listless so lay down. Eventually I decided I should contact my GP about having a blood test. At 4.30pm I received a phone call from the doctor saying he thought I should be admitted for another transfusion of blood. My haemoglobin was down to 64!

Over Monday night and Tuesday I received 5 units of blood. I also had anther Gastroscopy which revealed the ulcers were smaller but the overall duodenitis was inflamed. I was placed on a drip which fed some drug into me to help the lining recover. I had my scheduled CT scan on the Wednesday as an inpatient, the results of which I will receive next Monday. I was eventually released on Thursday morning. My haemoglobin had risen to 112 (the level for a normal male is between 130 & 180).

I’m still expecting a good result from the CT scan as I feel fine apart from the occasional bleed and anaemia neither of which seems to be cancer related.

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  1. Pat and Tony Anderson

    20 September, 2010 at 10:57 am

    You have been through it again, But no matter how Strong the Battle God is allways there for us, as it says in Habukuck 3 18-19, Yet I will rejoice in the God of Salvation,
    The Lord is my Strength, (my song) He will make my feet, like Hinds feet, to walk in the high Places……….
    Our Prayers are with you and Bronwen Doug Bless you Pat and Tony


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